Thursday, April 10, 2014

Graffiti Day ! Zurich, Switzerland, summer 2013. On the left there is the "Züri-See" !

Also Zurich, summer 2013. Same place as the one on top. 

I love these places in cities. It represents the city as it is, not this "polished" tourist version. The culture, the style, the feeling and the "flair" can only be experienced if one just walks through the city, explores the different parts of it. That's what I always like to do, when I'm in a new place, or also when I go back home to  Zurich and simply roam through the streets, taking it all in. That's exactly when I discover places like this one. Places where emotions, views and beliefs are expressed through all kinds of art. Where people come together to celebrate their achievements, to share their grief, to spread their joy. 
Those are the places where you can actually experience and enjoy the ambiance of the city. 

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